Tulsa's ONLY Classic Rock


Posted: November 30, 2012


Originally from Oklahoma City, I got the radio bug when I was 19. Spent a couple of years in Los Angeles then landed here in Tulsa in 2006. I love this place.

Married to a chick that was on the Captain of the Pom squad at our Highschool (Boom!) and we have a beautiful little girl together. Thank you Sweet Tea Vodka, Rockband and Snowpocalypse 2010 for contributing to her creation.

 My favorite beer is an ice cold Newcastle.  . . . sitting next to a shot of Jager.

It drives me nuts when there is time left on the microwave. You took it out, hit clear.

Paula Abdul once told me that I was "Very Chivalrous". I think she wanted to make out. Either that or she was about to ask me if I had any Vicodin.

My first concert was the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour with Firehouse and Warrant in 1991. Jani Lane was drunk as hell and had more bras at his feet than the laundry room floor of Sorority house.

That is all. Good day.

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