Tulsa's ONLY Classic Rock


Posted: March 07, 2011

Bobby Butler

Born in the Jimmy Buffett/Ernest Hemingway/old people capital of the world, Key West, Florida back in 1976 (bicentennial baby suckas!)

 Transplanted to the 'Center of the Universe', ha, the Broken Arrow suburbs at age 6 or so. That's when the magic began....I became a mouthy kid who grew up to be...a mouthy DJ.

 I have 2 kids whom I adore more than full body Pj's (yes even the kind with the slick feet)

 I love to jog/run/bike/kickbox/hit the park and chase & scare ducks...essentailly whatever to keep healthy, outdoors & stay in shape...for the most part.

 LOVE almost all sports with a passion, minus badminton. New technology & netflix junkie.

 Food is amazing...seafood, beer, sushi, meat & candy are the best, but not particularly in that order.

 You can catch me trying to keep your car out of that ditch for the morning drive weekdays as the 'traffic aficionado' on Rock (us), K95, Mix 96 & KRMG (sista stations)

 You can also listen to me weekdays 9am to 3pm on the best darn station in Tulsa, Tulsa's Classic Rockers....ROCK 103.3!!!

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