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Posted: October 05, 2014

Publix updates coupon policy, cracks down on ‘extreme couponing’

By Mike Denison

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

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Publix’s recently updated coupon policy may make it harder for “extreme couponers” to get their typical tremendous savings, according to its website.

The grocery chain attempted to crack down on customers who would bring in competitors’ coupons and dollar-off-total-order coupons (as in, “Save $5 on purchase of $50 or more”), saving a bundle but costing Publix in the long run.

Publix will now only accept eight of the same coupons per day per household, according to the new policy. The store will also only accept two dollar-off-total-order coupons per purchase: one from Publix and one from a competitor.

“We knew too much abuse was happening,” Kati Kiefer, who blogs for TrueCouponing.com, said. “When too many people take advantage of a good company, it is only fair that the company restrict the guidelines for using coupons there.”

Read the full policy here.

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