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Posted: July 26, 2017

Measuring air temperatures accurately

By Megan McClellan

News | KOKI

Quick Facts

  • Temperature readings are actually taken in the shade
  • Give the thermometer enough time to adjust to the outdoor temp
  • As the liquid heats up, it expands, causing it to rise in the thermometer


Summertime heat is rough, especially in the sunshine with high humidity levels. The sun is the most fun place to be, soaking up the rays and enjoying the sun's warmth - but it is also going to be hotter in the sun than your phone might tell you it is.

The reason that it will be hotter in the sun than what the temperature says is because those temps are actually taken in the SHADE!

Meteorologist Megan McClellan takes a quick look at the temperature difference only a few hours after the sun came up:

The liquid in the thermometer will expand as the temperature of the liquid heats up outside. If the liquid was placed in the sun instead of the shade, the temperature would read warmer because the liquid would also be heated from the sun and not just the air.

Certified Meteorologist Laura Mock took at look at the temperatures in two cars: one with a sun shade and one without.

Meteorologist Brad Carl will be explaining why official measurements are taken in the shade on FOX23 News at 5 aand 9.

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