Tulsa's ONLY Classic Rock

Tommy Russell 

Tommy Russell is a rabid fan of classic rock who still can’t believe people actually pay him to be on the radio. Known to his friends as a hacker musician and discount raconteur, he is (as far as we know) not currently wanted by any law enforcement agencies, domestic or foreign. He’s not shy about introducing politics or religion into any conversation, leading to some awkward situations at airports and Karaoke lounges. Raised in the wild outside Bozeman, Montana, he has lived all over the western U.S., but settled in Tulsa in the early 90s and reckons it’ll be home for a while yet. His favorite bands include Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Kansas, Rush, and Yes. You can hear him Sundays from 3-7pm on 103.3 the Eagle, Tulsa’s Only Classic Rock.