Tulsa's ONLY Classic Rock


Where were you born?

West Texas. 


Where did you go to college? 

Texas Tech University. Guns up! 



My addiction to television gets in the way of any real hobbies. Or exercise. Or sunshine. My favorites are Mr Robot, The Walking Dead, Fargo and Better Call Saul just to name a few of my stories. 


Favorite Food? 



Favorite movie? 

The Shining. Or maybe Fargo. Or Fight Club. 


Favorite bands? 

AC/DC (Bon Scott era), Van Halen (DLR era), Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, and Metallica. 


How did you start in this business? 

I started at a college station in Odessa, Texas. 


Any odd habits? 



What famous person would you like to meet? 

Frederick II of Prussia 


First car? 

Pontiac Phoenix- bright yellow-super cool