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Posted: November 12, 2015

TGI Fridays owner apologizes for Facebook post by waitress

The alleged customer in Centerville waitress saga response and defends her action. Video by Amelia Robinson and Vivienne Machi.

By Vivienne Machi and Amelia Robinson

Dayton.com - Dayton, Ohio


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The Bistro Group, the  franchise owner of the TGI Fridays at 2022 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, has issued a statement concerning a waitress who posted a message on Facebook slamming a customer who did not leave a tip.

"Fridays is focused on delivering a great Guest experience.The incident in the Centerville restaurant was unfortunate but has since been resolved. We are constantly working to train our employees to be the best in the industry in and out of the restaurant."

The incident in question took place at a Centerville restaurant where a customer left her server a note instead of a monetary tip. The note insinuated that the waitress had been flirting with the customer's husband. In her Facebook post, the waitress ranted about the note.

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Then a woman claiming to be the customer in question came forward, telling her side of the story.

>> Read the full story: Alleged customer snaps back at waitress complaining about no tip

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