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Posted: March 11, 2015

Breastfeeding mom calls out United flight attendant, gets apology

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk


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A mother who breastfed her baby on a flight from Houston to Vancouver said United Airlines called her to apologize after she complained about her treatment by a flight attendant. (Source: CA-Press.com

Kristen Hilderman, of British Columbia, said her 5-month-old baby was fussing on a Sunday evening flight and she decided to breastfeed him.

She had a blanket under her baby and another across her knees but did not cover the child’s head because the plane was “hot and stuffy.”

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She took typed out her recollection of what happened next, took a photo of her story and posted it to Twitter.

Along with the telephone apology, United said in a statement, “United welcomes nursing mothers on board and we ask that crew members do their best to ensure their comfort and safety as they do with all customers. After we learned of Ms. Hilderman’s experience we spoke with her and offered an apology.” (Source: Yahoo Parenting

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