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Posted: March 07, 2011

"Wavy Davy" Michaels

Where were you born?

Nashville, Arkansas


Where did you go to high school?

Van Buren, Arkansas



Playing/Writing Music, Guitars, My Motorcycle, Fly Fishing


Favorite Food?

Fried Chicken, Great Steaks and BBQ


Favorite movie?

Sling Blade


Favorite song?

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple


How did you start in this business?

Running the religious programming on the weekends.


Any entertainment background you want to include?

Played in several pretty good rock & roll bands over the years.


Any odd habits?

Smoking Cigarettes....loved smoking but glad I quit 25 years ago.


What famous person would you like to meet?

John Lennon


First car?

1964 Oldsmobile Delta 88


First job?

Paper Route


Favorite memory in this business?

Helping my station to be #1...I've been lucky....it's happened a few times!

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